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confidentiality agreement


The protection of your personal information and the security of your payments are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, the information you provide will only be used in accordance with the rules and purposes specified in the membership agreement and will not be used for any other purposes or shared with third parties under any circumstances. Hence, the highest level of security is employed to protect your information on Your credit card information on is only used during the order process, and no information related to your credit card is stored on retains and uses customer information to inform and update customers about new campaigns and discounts, and to improve products and services, with user permission. Customer information will only be disclosed to official authorities in accordance with legal obligations and when disclosure is required by law. utilizes Google Analytics' Remarketing Demographics and Interest Reporting system. This system is used to offer users products they are interested in. You can customize your ad settings to opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize the ads you see based on your interests.

If you do not wish to receive emails sent by at certain intervals, you can unsubscribe from the list by clicking on the "Click here to unsubscribe from our newsletter list" link at the bottom of the emails.

All credit card and personal information is encrypted with SSL Secure system at 128 bits. This system prevents unauthorized individuals and institutions from intercepting your information during circulation on the Internet for any reason.

You can reach via the contact information provided below:

Address: Sofular Mah. Gündoğdu Cad. no:33a
68100 Merkez/Aksaray
Phone: +90 539 760 8007

Cookie Information Text

As, we use some cookies on our website to improve the user experience. The cookies used may change from time to time in line with technological developments for security purposes. This page contains the cookies currently in use and the information they collect.

All data collected through cookies are subject to Law No. 6698, other legislation, Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy, and Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are files created by websites you visit. Cookies store browsing information such as your site preferences or profile information. When you visit the Site, cookies are loaded by your internet browser and stored on the device you entered the Site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate your browsing during your visit and to make the Site user-friendly, and they do not harm your device.

myaksaray tracks your browsing information and/or membership usage history on the Site to make personalized promotions, offer promotions and marketing offers, improve the content of the Site according to you, and/or determine your preferences. myaksaray may match and use information collected from you on the Site with information collected by different methods or at different times, or from different sources such as third-party sources. Such matching and use shall only be for the purposes and within the scope defined in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Additionally, myaksaray may use cookies to present advertisements it believes may be of interest to you when you visit search engines, the Site, and/or websites where myaksaray advertises. While presenting these advertisements, myaksaray may place a third-party cookie on your browser to recognize you. Cookies stored in the Site, except for "third-party cookies," which are used by external organizations managed and used by external organizations for services requested by us to improve the user experience of Site visitors and to guarantee the security of payment transactions, are used solely by myaksaray. The main purposes of these "third-party cookies" are to obtain access statistics and guarantee the security of payment transactions.

We do not store sensitive information such as your password or credit or bank card information in cookies we use.

Information about the cookies we use to collect browsing information will be provided to you with a pop-up screen when you first log in to the Site.

Considering the above limitations, if you prefer to prevent cookie usage on the Site, you must first disable the cookie usage feature in your browser and then delete the cookies associated with this Site. You can use the cookie prevention option at any time you wish. However, preventing cookies may result in the inability to benefit from certain services offered on the Site.

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